Out of concern and for the comfort of all our friends and clients,

We have scaled down on our classes due to the demand for private sessions.

Private sessions allow people to be more flexible with the work/kid schedules, right now and allows us to address specific concerns for each individual pup.

As they progress in training, we can match pups for semi private classes, pack walks and socials.

So first: We start with a consultation.

This is to meet you, your pup and address any specific concerns or questions.
We will go over the everyday routines to see if we can tweak them a bit to help reach training goals.
We cover the beginnings of communication techniques between you and your dog, add in some leadership exercises and the start of some basic obedience.

We ask for 1.5–2 hours of your time for this session.
If you’re comfortable, we prefer this session to be done in your home, or you’re welcome to come to our place.
Cost is $225-$250  (slight extra travel charge may apply if outside area)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions:
Celia at 650 364-7122/ celia@loveofdogsrwc.com



Welcome to Love of Dogs Training! We are based in Redwood City, California. Our goal is to help you achieve a well-balanced and trusting relationship with your dog.

Our Services

I offer dog training sessions, both private training and  semi group. I also offer special field trip training and group pack walks.

To talk about the right type training for your dog, or any other questions, please call 650-364-7122.

Certifications & Memberships

Thulani Senior German Shepherd rescue logoCelia is a supporter of and volunteer with Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescue. This program finds home for senior German Shepherds. Thulani provides free adoptions and covers medical costs for these dogs for the rest of their lives.

Celia's clients say

We've been fortunate to have Celia as our primary trainer and petsitter for the past five years. She truly "reads" the dog and customizes the training plan for the dog's personality. As a petsitter, she treats every dog as her own. I can only relax on vacation when Celia is taking care of my girl. When I return, my dog can’t wait until "Auntie Celia's" next visit. I enthusiastically and without reservation recommend Celia for training and petsitting services.

Tamara K., Los Altos

A Well-Balanced Dog: My Training Philosophy

Training must be consistent throughout the whole family. It is important when training one family member that they must show others involved in the training of the pup what has been taught. I welcome family sessions so we all can learn and be on the same page.

I believe basic commands are a must, but more importantly, you have to have a balanced dog. This is a dog that respects and trusts his family as leaders of the pack. A well exercised, socialized, balance-minded dog has confidence in himself and more so in his owner to lead him in a safe way. Once this bond is achieved, you can trust that your dog will react to unpredictable situations in an intelligent manner.

Please be aware that this does not happen overnight. It takes time, tenderness, love, patience, consistency, practice, and, did I mention, PATIENCE!! The time you invest now will be rewarded by developing a great friend for life.

Just get started, let’s have fun doing it and enjoy the time with your new friend!

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