Pack Walks

Get social and get a little fresh air with our trainer-led pack walks!

Group pack walks are a chance to practice your dog’s socialization and leash-walking skills in a trainer-led walk. This is a combination of socialization and training in an outside environment. It’s a great way to check your dog’s training progress in a real-world situation.

Sunday… November 17th … 3:30 PM Meet / Levee pack walk.. 

Start at : San Mateo; end of Hillsdale Blvd East/ small parking area on left side/ just at the under pass of the bridge

Rated: easy flat walk along a gravel path. Can get a bit cool and breezy.


Friday… November 22nd … 3:30 PM Meet / Devil’s Canyon pack walk

Start at: 358 D Street, Redwood City

Rated: flat walking in Neighborhood/Industrial area. If not super crowded, we will go into the Brewery where we can grab a bite to eat and a beer (or soda)

This is a great practice walk in a crowd with higher level activity etc: other dogs, kids, food trucks and music.

Please contact me to get scheduled for our next pack walk.



A group out for an evening pack walk.