Pack Walks

Get social and get a little fresh air with our trainer-led pack walks!

Group pack walks are a chance to practice your dog’s socialization and leash-walking skills in a trainer-led walk. This is a combination of non-play socialization and training in an outside environment. It’s a great way to check your dog’s training progress in a real-world situation. Dogs learn to walk and do training exercises with their owners while around other dogs and distractions. This also will help with building focus, leadership, and confidence as a team with your dog.

Pack walks  1-1.5 hrs….. $40.

Pack Walks are for dogs over 6 months and must have some basic training.

Dogs must be people friendly. If your dog is dog reactive, please contact Celia prior to registering.

Our Pack Walk times and locations vary; please see the list below, or check our calendar for upcoming dates and locations. (locations may be subject to change)

If you are not involved in one of our training programs please contact Celia prior to registration.

Dogs not in a program are invited but may be asked to do an evaluation prior to the walk. These evals are approx. 1/2 hour .. cost $25

Upcoming Pack Walks

Upcoming walks are listed below; please call Celia at 650-364-7122 to register. If no pack walks are listed under Upcoming Dates, please check back later. Sorry, there's nothing coming up on the schedule right now.
Please see the calendar for a full list of classes and workshops or check back here later.