Private Training

Training is a personal journey. Each client will have an individual program tailored to fit their needs. I base this on your goals, the pace that is comfortable for you and your pup, and the time you wish to invest in training.

Celia's clients say

We adopted a rescue puppy who had difficulty in new situations. Celia worked patiently training him and training our family how to make him more confident and how to manage his behavior. She was instrumental in making this his forever home.


Puppy and New Dog Consultation

New clients start  with an initial consultation session. This is our time to get to know each other. We will discuss what you would like to accomplish in training. We can discuss crates, safe toys, nutrition and do’s and don’ts to start with your puppy/dog. I would like to see the home environment and, if needed, offer any ideas that may make things easier and safer. We can also go over a daily schedule that will work for your family and pup. We will discuss some leadership exercises and I will go over basic commands and leave you with 2-3 training steps to get you started.

First time consults: $195.00  – $225.00    1.5 -2 hours  (Local)

Private Training Sessions

Dog and owner doing private trainingI recommend starting with a private session, this helps begin the bonding with your dog without the distraction of other dogs. There’s an old dog-trainer saying, “dog training is 10% training the dog, and 90% training the owner.” Private sessions help you achieve the confidence, timing, and techniques to handle outside distractions more effectively.

In private training, we can cover basic obedience commands as well as any basic problem solving. A private session is 45 to 60 minutes and can take place at your home, my location, or another locations depending on the type of training being done.

PRIVATE SESSION:  your home $110.00  1 hour / my home $100.00 1 hour

Please take advantage of the package deals on private training. A single private lesson is not recommended for a reason: a single session usually doesn’t work. Training, whether for obedience or for problem solving, takes commitment, consistency, and is a step-by-step process. I prefer to set you and your dog up for a successful and enjoyable learning experience.

Private Training Package Deals

This is a discounted package of 3 private training sessions.

This package consists of:

1.5 -2  hour consultation plus two 1-hour follow up sessions.

Total of 3 sessions ( approx. 3.5 – 4  hours) .. Cost $395.00

NEW !!     Field Training Sessions

Trainers take 1-2 pups for approximately 2-3 hrs. of training with real life exposure and situations.

We will practice obedience skills, polite manners in public, at/in stores, play grounds,

proper meet and greets, (dogs and people), noise tolerance etc…

We may incorporate some advanced obedience and agility work for better focus, mental stimulation, body balance and attention.

All this helps develop a happier, more stable and balanced family dog.

session  2-3 hrs each … $225.00


Individualized Training Packages Available

We offer personalized training programs to meet your dog’s needs.

Please contact me for more information about private sessions and availability.