Private Training

I always recommend starting with a private session, to begin the bonding with your dog without the distraction of other dogs. There’s an old dog-trainer saying, “dog training is 10% training the dog, and 90% training the owner.” Private sessions help you achieve the confidence, timing, and techniques to handle outside distractions more effectively.

1.5 hour in home puppy/new dog consultations  $200-$225

1 hour private $110.00  (your home:local) / Come to me $100.00   ……      1/2 private $60


My classes are limited to no more than 6 dogs (agility 4 dogs). These sessions focus on teaching basic obedience and do not typically have time to address difficult individual issues. For individual problem solving, please consider private training.


Workshops are offered throughout the year. These are designed to help you have a fun, continual learning experience with your dog. Types of workshops include: playgroups; agility; advanced obedience; confidence building; Good Canine Citizen courses; Recall and more.

Group Walks

Group pack walks offer the chance to work on being social in a pack setting with other dogs and people. Dogs learn to walk with other dogs and people in a pack, under control and politely.

We incorporate several obedience and Canine Good Citizen exercises during the walk.