Workshops can be 1- or 2-day classes or several week sessions with a focus on a specific issue or area of training.

Workshops are offered throughout the year. Workshops can be 1- or 2-day classes or several week sessions with a focus on a specific issue or area of training. These are designed to help you have a fun, continual learning experience with your dog. Types of workshops include: playgroups; agility; advanced obedience; confidence building; Good Canine Citizen courses; and more. These will be announced on this website, so please check back often to see our latest offerings.

Most workshops are held in and near Redwood City, California 94063. Please check the listings below or call 650-364-7122 for the exact location.

Please bring the following to your workshop:

  • A 6-foot nylon or leather leash. No chain or retractable leases.
  • Advanced workshops may require a 10-15 foot cotton training lead.
  • A towel or small blanket (no dog beds).
  • Soft morsel treates that can be carried in a treat pouch, training bag, fanny pack, or pockets.
  • Please print, sign, and bring this liability release form.
You can now register for most workshops online. Upcoming workshops are listed below; click on a workshop name to register. If no workshops are listed under Upcoming Dates, please check back later, or call Celia at 650-364-7122 for more information. Sorry, there's nothing coming up on the schedule right now.
Please see the calendar for a full list of classes and workshops or check back here later.

Workshop Descriptions

Canine Good Citizenship

CGC certificate is a title given by the AKC to responsible owners that have taken the time to work with their dogs to create polite manners in home as well as in the community.  Dogs that pass this 10-step test can receive this nationally recognizes certificate from the AKC. The CGC certificate is a title that is usually requested if you plan to continue with your dog into support, service or therapy dog work.

You can check out the 10-steps for Canine Good Citizen on the AKC website here.

CGC TESTING ONLY: If you feel confident your dog can pass and needs no practice, we invite you to come just for the testing.

Cost for test only $40.00. This cost includes testing, AKC registration form and CGC test result form to send to AKC.
(you will need to send additional $10 into AKC with result form for certificate)

Please reserve a spot by calling Love of Dogs: (650) 364-7122

Not sure your dog is ready?? Practice class is  available.

Class is structured to help you practice and identify areas of training your dog may need to “brush up on” prior to taking the CGC test.

Can’t make the CGC Testing date?…. Private Individual Testing is also available. Contact Celia for availability and cost.

Destination Training

Come Join Us! Sharpen and challenge those obedience skills.

This is a fun course and ideal for more confidence building and owner/dog bonding. Come help sharpen your dog’s obedience skills along with some good mental/physical exercise, (for dogs and owners!).

There will be intermediate level obedience challenges with some agility obstacles.

General destinations.. We will be working 5 destinations: Park setting obedience, Downtown coffee, Training Room Agility, Home Depot, Shopping Mall.

Dates and times may flex a bit if class needs.

Prerequisite: Dogs should have passed basic/intermediate course or equivalent in private sessions. Be able to work in class setting.

No dog / people reactive dogs. Any age dog is welcome.


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